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Investing and Financial Planning with SC Parker

Let us simplify things for you.  

Investing in today’s markets can be a bit confusing and even unnerving.  It can also be highly rewarding.  At SC Parker, we consider it part of our duty to help simplify things.  Creating high quality, diversified and balanced portfolios is one way we help.

Getting started is easier than you think

Like a lot of things in life, getting started can seem difficult, but it’s actually quite easy.  Making changes often seems hard as well. With the right help both can be easily accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.    

Take the first step.

Consulting with one of our advisors is the first step which is available to anyone.  There is never a fee for consultation.  Figuring out your purposes for investing, creating a plan and building a portfolio is our straightforward approach.   Improving the investment quality and simplifying matters is our goal. 

Providing you with the highest quality investment advice and service has always been our mission.  In this ever changing economy and financial environment, new challenges arise every day.  We work very hard to analyze it all and then develop a plan and investments for you based on your circumstances.

I have always considered myself to be extremely fortunate to work in a profession that I love. Helping people pursue their financial goals, solving problems and seeing their success is the most enjoyable part of all.   

Enjoying the benefits of successful planning.

This past year, one of our many really nice clients retired. She was a school nurse, 62 years old. Her husband had worked in a factory and retired several years prior.  We first started working together about 20 years ago.  At that time, they had assets of about $30,000 in his 401k, a mortgage on the house and 2 daughters in their late teens. They felt that they were way behind where they should be financially and would have to work into their 70s. 

We started out by developing a plan, establishing systematic investment programs, paying down the mortgage, handling some debt and helping the girls with school. The key steps were organizing their finances and systematically investing in high quality funds.  They took advantage of their employer sponsored plans including 401k and 403b. They also set up Roth IRAs and joint investment accounts.  It all started out rather modestly and built momentum over time. 

If we fast forward to today, the years go by so fast, the picture has changed dramatically.  The invested assets exceed $500,000, the house is paid, and they have purchased, from their investments, a country property which they have built on.  They have also been helping out their daughters with their homes and grandchildren.  The daughters, now in their thirties are clients with us also. Both have been building their assets up, mainly with systematic investment plans into good quality funds, just like their mom and dad.  Finally, accounts have been set up for the grandchildren giving them a great start on their future.

What began with a simple appointment has grown into a multi generation success.  We meet regularly, stay in touch by phone and email and keep the successes building. This is what we mean when we talk about “Helping people to plan, invest and succeed”. 

We are here for you, ready to help and hope to see you soon.

Located centrally on Main Street in Williamsville, NY we can be reached at (716) 632 – 6800 or through our website,