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The Benefits and Options of 403(b) Plans

Is a 403(b) right for you?  If you work at a school or non-profit, your employer may offer a plan to help you save for retirement.  This is most often a 403(b) plan.  With the benefit of tax deferral and payroll deduction, the automatic feature helps you save for retirement and lower your taxable income for the current year.  Unlike an IRA, contributions are made through payroll deduction and the contribution limits are significantly higher.  In addition, many employers also contribute to the plan.  This added benefit to you may not be available unless you participate.  Most people would not turn down additional income from their employer, but many do just that by not participating in their 403(b).

Getting started is easy.  We can assist you in completing the application for the employer approved provider as well as explaining the investment options that are right for your circumstances.  We can also help with the salary reduction forms your employer or Third-Party Administrator require to direct your contributions to the plan.

Change of school district or wish to switch a provider?  Understanding the 403(b) world and the governing requirements under the IRS code, SC Parker can aid with this process to insure it does not result in any unnecessary penalties.  Combining multiple 403(b)s can reduce yearly fees and simplify bookkeeping.

With over 94 years of experience, SC Parker is able to help you with the enrollment and salary reduction process as well as navigate the investment options to give you solutions that maximize your returns. We can assist you to make it easy and put you on the path to achieving the retirement goals you’ve set for yourself.

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